It's been a year since the release of their Every Fuckin Day EP and two years since the release of their debut album Calm Down. Following that, Brooklyn-based band Lolawolf have spent much of their touring and more recently, more time locked away in various studios between LA, New York and the Bahamas. Speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, band member Zoë Kravitz said "Because there's nothing to do there, all you need is the nature of the place. [Me & Jimmy] when we're together, if we don't have things distracting us from each other, we make music which is what we do."

While the band complete the album (Jimmy Giannopoulos confirmed that they will continue to work on the album throughout the summer and perform at a number of festivals before finalising the album at the end of the summer), Lolawolf provided Zane and Beats 1 with the world premiere of their new single 'Teardrop' who made it his 'World Record' of the day. Featuring additional vocals from Miley Cyrus, 'Teardrop' is a shift-shaping and rather unconventional return. Its stop-start production, deep pulsating bassline, and pitched down vocal evolves and changes form throughout, but underneath it all, there's a solid foundation of pop sensibilities that bring it all together.