Emerging musician Lolo Zouai teams up with multi-talented Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) for the ultra-cool new single ‘Jade’. Paris born and San Francisco raised, now residing in New York this young artist has allowed her surrounding to soak into her sound and the outcome is a modern, tingling pop. Her vocal has been distorted and changed without losing character and cuts through in what is an incredibly saturated marketplace.

It’s a heartbreak song, yet undeniably sensual and strong, evoking comparisons to Kehlani and previously-referenced Aaliyah. The video was shot in the setting of the original Ocean’s 11 with Frank Sinatra, which heightens the cinematic elements of the track. Blood Orange puts in an effortless performance, weaving himself and his voice in and out with Lolo’s smoothly.

Speaking on the track, she commented: “Jade is the feeling of feeling nothing... being numb to all the beauty around you because you’re stuck in your own head. But then at the same time there’s something beautiful about pain and sadness. ‘Jade’ plays on that string between beauty and pain. I think Dev and I both stepped out of our comfort zones for this song to create our own world.”