London-based singer Gia Ford has been announced as the new signing from tastemaking label Dirty Hit, who will release her debut tape Poster Boy in October. Ahead of that we have the debut single and video 'Turbo Dreams'. Gia tells us about the song, saying:

“The song kind of came out of a general feeling I had at the time; in its final form, it has only a vague connection to the real life situation that owned those feelings. I wrote the hook first, and then it became this song of contradictions - of opposing feelings - a little microcosm of the rest of my mind at the time. Perhaps all the time.”

'Turbo Dreams' combines classic pop sounds of thudding beats and resounding piano chords to effective results - mostly because Gia Ford's voice is so strong and rich that she doesn't need to much adornment around it. 'Turbo Dreams' touches on the heartfelt topic of trying to stay friends post-breakup, and finding it impossible. In Gia's delivery we can hear her efforts to bury the hatchet and trying to remain cool and collected in the face of this stress. Ultimately, she might not succeed, but her efforts have made for a beautifully velvety pop song nonetheless.

Look for Gia Ford's debut tape Poster Boy on Dirty Hit in October, and for now follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.