Fresh off his signing to Bella Union, London-based DJ and producer SONNIKU isn't wasting any time.

'Sweat' began as a collaboration with Little Boots, eventually entangling guest vocalist LIZ as well, explains SONNIKU, real name Tony Donson: "After producing the instrumental for ‘Sweat,’ I knew I had to enlist the help of Victoria (aka Little Boots) to help me pen the lyrics. With our shared love of Kylie and unapologetic pop, we wrote it after just one session. Then LIZ fell in love with the track after I played it her whilst I was on a writing trip in LA. Her Britney-esque ’tongue-in-cheek’ vocals on this track were a match made in heaven for me."

Look out for more from SONNIKU via Bella Union very soon, and check out 'Sweat' below, along with its playful, "dystopian bathhouse" video below.

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