Ayako Fujiki is not one to settle down. Having discovered her passion for the piano, and classical music at large, in her home country of Japan, she set out to discover and learn more. Beginning her journey, and deeper studies in Vienna, she went on to delve yet further in London and Paris.

Realizing a deep love for, perhaps in particular, Spanish classical music, she ultimately ended up in Barcelona. Studying with the esteemed Alicia de Larrocha and earning her Masters, she began to perform Spanish classical repertoires in concerts.

After years of focusing on her role within orchestras and with other musicians, she rediscovered her zeal for composing, and took the unexpected step of working with Ibiza DJs to provide ideas, phrases, and turns for their dance music, something Fujiki admits having "thoroughly enjoyed."

Finally, in 2016, she released her debut album, Brightwater. It was yet another turn for the young artist, reconnecting with her, as she puts it, "Japanese soul", composing songs that allowed that voice to reemerge.

For a time, she planned to continue further down this path, but ultimately decided to challenge herself yet again. Having spent so long entranced by Spanish, and traditional classical at large, music, she decided to return to the compositions that once enthralled her. She herself explains, "I wanted to go back to my roots as a concert pianist and have recorded this album selecting with classical piano pieces of ‘Fantasies’"

And so, her take on 'Rhapsodie Espagnole', composed by Franz Liszt during a trip to Spain in the mid-19th century, was born. The first piece to be released from her approaching sophomore album, planned for release this fall, it represents Fujiki's current interests along with her natural gift for melody. Within, she finds the beauty in quiet moments as well as in a flurry of action, balancing both sides of classical playing with aplomb and seeming ease.

Listen to 'Rhapsodie Espagnole' below, which The 405 is very proud to premiere, and stay tuned for more from Ayako Fujiki soon.