'Wake Me Up and You're Gone' is the debut single from the London-based artist Saint Daniel. Hailing from Russia, Saint Daniel (real name Danila Stepin) fled his home country after racing persecution and abuse for his sexual orientation. Now living the UK, Saint Daniel is preparing the release of his first EP, Escapism. 'Wake Me Up and You're Gone' serves as the perfect teaser for the record, as the moody pop number showcases Stepin's knack for melody and atmospheric production.

Directed by Luke Armstrong, the song's video showcases Stepin walking alone along a beautiful, rocky beach. The sweeping, spectacular cinematography underscores the isolation and loneliness at the heart of song. 'Wake Me Up and You're Gone' is certainly a catchy pop track, but it is also quite melancholy -- a potent mix.

You can watch the video for Saint Daniel's 'Wake Me Up and You're Gone' up above, and be on the look out for more from this intriguing artist in the very near future.