Crossing through the experimental canals of psychedelic pop, London-stationed artist Sands returns with the single ‘Burning Man’. The new track is the multi-instrumentalist’s first new released since his sophomore EP, Waves Calling, earlier this year. Sands is the project from Andrew Sands, a singer-songwriter who lists influences including Neil Young, Echo and The Bunnymen, Bowie and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds to name a few. Dark and moody with shades of light, new track ‘Burning Man’ swirls with colors and imagery eliciting an entrancing spectacle of straight up psychedelia.

Nested in the locale where psychedelic-folk and experimental-pop meet, Sands develops a distinctive atmosphere with ‘Burning Man’ right off the mark. From the reverb-laden guitars to the djembe drumbeats and deeply layered vocals, the mastermind composer paints an aural soundscape that feels like it’s from an entirely different universe. Sonically daring, with vocals that favor chanting over traditional singing, the sprawling effort gravitates toward an unusual destination worth uncovering. While the experience ultimately feels mysterious, Sands’ rare approach will make one curious and engrossed from commencement to conclusion.

On the double A-side single (which also features ‘Tomorrow’s Gone’), Sands comments, “‘Burning Man’ is something I had for quite some time, basically I was just waiting for the right moment to put it out, and this seemed a good match,” and goes on to explain, "’Tomorrow's Gone’ is on my latest EP - ‘Waves Calling’ - it's a new wave/electronic track. This version was the original demo. I went more 60's psychedelic, and thought it was good enough to be mixed and put out just leaving it like that, quite bare and mantra-like till the end crescendo. I think here lies the soul of the song.”

Take your first listen to ‘Burning Man’ below:

Composed, produced, and performed by Sands, he will be releasing his new double A-side single, ‘Tomorrow’s Gone’ / ‘Burning Man’ on November 30th via Spaghetti Sounds. Over the years Sands has worked with producer, engineer and mixer Brett Shaw (Florence and the Machine, Foals, Daughter), mixer Jonas Verwijnen (Moon Duo) and Martin Glover aka Youth, famed for his collaborations with Killing Joke, The Verve, Paul McCartney, The Cult, The Orb, Echo And The Bunnymen, Primal Scream and many others.