This is cool as cucumber. Old epithet, I know, but I think it fits. It really does. Oliver Palfreyman is a beatmaker from London and this is a track called 'Blown Out'. Filled with cold vibes, it bristles with resonating cymbal arrays and shivering hi-hats, clap-snare combination keeping time with the warm boom of a subby-kick. Stand-up bass rattles in and out, wordless vocal samples angelic and chopped in a rippling sea of marimba dedications.

It's real nice, basically, takes the organic and mixes with the totally synthetic and bypasses the slumping-sideways of boombap hip hop for something more modern, more in tune with something like footwork, a versatile piece that would explode into a room full of people as much as it can creep like sonic mist in the background: a real atmosphere-setter. Listen up.