Tree Trunks is a new London-based band that is made up of many faces you might have seen across various stages around the country in recent years, having played parts in the likes of Francois and the Atlas Mountains, Trash Kit and Rozi Plain. Tree Trunks has a nucleus in the collaboration between Robert Hunter and Sam Lewis, while Rozi Leyden embosses their dreamy pop productions with graceful vocal enhancements. They will be releasing their debut EP For Real on September 14th through Phone Home Records, a micro label run by James Alexander Bright.

You can get your first dose of Tree Trunks' delightfully melancholic electro-pop in the title track from the EP below. 'For Real' is a gracefully bobbing track that coasts on twinkling synths that swell and burst in quick succession like colourful bubbles. Hovering beneath this are shape-shifting synths and a simple click, that glue the buoyant elements together, giving an uplifting feeling to the shining track. The intertwining male and female vocals give an air of pleasurable longing, as they dream of a magical night that stretches on forever as they spend it in each other's arms. Check it out below with an animation by Ella Sando.

You can follow Tree Trunks on Facebook here, and find out more about the release by following Phone Home Records here.