With their first new music in over two years, Honey Moon returns on a different label (Heist or Hit) with their brand new single, ‘(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?’ The jangle-pop foursome are piloting through slightly different terrains than past outings on this fresh take off. This newest tune features languid guitars, lively drums, and lax basslines behind vocalist Jack Slater Chandler’s proficient falsetto. Before you know it, the song implodes with a grander sound, as it passages into a 1960s-inspired composition. The song begins in vein of 50s/60s doo-wop before shifting gears entirely into something much more modern and dreamier. It ultimately fills its time and space with pure escapism croon-pop for all to enjoy.

Self-described as a “60s-styled patchwork of a tune, quilting together a bittersweet tale of romantic longing,” Honey Moon’s sound is associated with coming-of-age-montages in teen b-movies and a time of just great innocence. Whether or not that still exists is another thing, but Honey Moon’s charming resonance occupies a period where things were much simpler and refined.

Accompanying the new single is the band’s music video for it. Directed and shot by Adam & Dan Hipkin, it’s an eccentric yet humorous clip that is pure British from front-to-back. Taking place in a bar/bingo hall with a colorful cast of individuals from all walks of life, there’s an apathetic vibe to it. However, the video turns it up several notches with a marching band and dancers parading around in dreadful looking green dresses. You’ll have to see for yourself what Honey Moon has cooked up here. While the music video may feature a bunch of losers, the song on the other hand is a true winner on all levels.

Honey Moon consists of Chandler on guitar/lead vocals, Joey Julliard on bass/vocals, Zack Urch on lead guitar/vocals and Sam Roux on drums. Catch Honey Moon next on July 20th at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire.