Antony & Cleopatra set pace last year with their two impressive singles ('Sirens' and 'Take Me'), but their latest one - 'Love Is A Lonely Dancer' - sees the pair redefine the boundaries of pop music yet again, channelling three different decades of music - '70s Disco, '80s US-House and '90s Diva vocals - while remaining loyal to modern day pop sensibilities. "It's one of the first songs we wrote," the pair originally announced. "It was written in a basement studio in Hackney Downs a few years ago. We kind of dismissed it and it wasn't till a few years later, we revisited and thought there was something to it."

The slick, black & white visuals were inspired by '50s Swedish drama-fantasy film The Seventh Seal and directed by Alan Mansferrer. "Taking inspiration from The Seventh Seal, we gave the reigns to Alan Mansferrer and his brilliant choreographer, Anna Hierro, to create a surrealist movement-based video," explained the duo over email. "Being Barcelona locals, they knew of an abandoned concrete space in Igualada, a deserted plain an hour out of Barcelona, which formed the location and feel of the video. With Anna's origins in La Veronal, one of the most important contemporary dance companies from Spain, we were thrilled to have her curate the movement of the dancers as individuals and together as a unit."

'Love Is A Lonely Dancer' is available now on iTunes. Look out for remixes from the likes of Amateur Dance, Low Steppa, LCAW plus Wolf Krew and Colour Castle.