Enigmatic electronic duo San Scout release a perilous, twitching video to ‘Soap’. Mixing elements of stock footage, lyrics and scenes from their VR pharmacy, the band accompany their doomful music with an equally epic set of visuals. A collaboration with photographer Cai Leplaw, it offers a glimpse into the band’s psyche and continues their exploration of our modern addictions to technologies.

Commenting on the video, San Scout said: “We wanted to make something that tied in with the idea of our obsession with flicking through channels and stimuli, in an effort to combat loneliness. With solitude being a theme of SOAP we wanted to mix up solitary imagery with intense and quick stimulation.”

‘Soap’ was the first song released via the newly created pharmacy, a virtual reality platform where the band are housing new releases and hidden demos and extras for fans to discover. The London pair have demonstrated they go far beyond the record medium when approaching releases and have explored photography, online gaming, remixes and more to enhance their atmospheric, all-encompassing bedroom pop sound.