Gamers from all over the world often gather to socialize and learn of the new games and technology that is entering the industry The Insomnia Gaming Festival is one of the most popular festivals for gamers and since 1999, it has attracted those from all over the world. The festival is a huge combination of Esports tournaments gaming activities, exhibitions, and more, so there is something for gamers of all ages. This London festival is just one of many that are held in the UK and with gamers from around the world attending, it focuses on all types of gaming activities, from console games to online casino gaming.

The gaming industry is worth in excess of $83 billion worldwide and is expected to rise even higher. Not only does the market include those that play video games and make purchases, but also includes those that produce them. With gaming followers everywhere, it makes sense that there are tons of amazing festivals where players can gather to learn of all the latest advancements, new releases, enhanced technology being used and so much more. The London Insomnia Festival is just one of the major events where gamers gather to share their passion.

Top Gaming Festivals for 2019

The excitement of festivals kicks off right away in the new year with the Retro Games Fair, which is held in Leeds on February 2, 2019. Any fan of retro games will have their opportunity to grab some hit titles from years ago. The fair is expected to offer more than 60 retailers and more than 130 tables of merchandise. The ICE Expo is one of the major events for game developers and it is an exhibit that is geared towards professionals. This year, it will be in London between February 5-7 and there will be over 130 countries represented. This is one of the largest gaming fairs in the entire world and is where many of the latest online casino games are introduced. Many software developers who provide online casinos with game portfolios will appear here and will be talking of upcoming titles and new technology that will be used in the future development of casino games.

Some other great events that are scheduled for 2019 include the London Games Festival, VRTGO, EGX Rezzed, Play Expo Manchester, Animex – International Festival of animation and Computer Games, Norwich Gaming Festival, and of course, the popular Insomnia Festival.

What the Best Gaming Festivals Will Feature

While many believe that gaming festivals are designed for the gamer alone, there are many other facets. A number of festivals are for software developers and professionals and there are even events for those looking to start a career in the gaming industry. The best gaming festivals in 2019 will host a wide assortment of events, lectures, gaming demonstrations, exhibitions, and previews to the latest titles that will soon be released.

Each gaming festival has a niche that is covered, so gamers will be able to find an event that suits their gaming needs and likes. With so many amazing festivals planned already, anyone who enjoys the world of PC gaming, mobile gaming, or even online gambling will be able to get the latest news and information on what’s to come in 2019. Get ready to have a year full of excitement and endless gaming action at some of the best festivals in the entire world. Since the gaming industry is forever growing, these festivals get larger each year and always offer an exciting way to learn about the industry and discover the many aspects of gaming.