Noise Noir might be new, but are already known for their intense live shows, they've graced stages with the likes of Saint Agnes and Table Scraps. The four piece trade in riff-heavy fuzz, but are also inspired by shades of dramatic soul and blues.

For the visual for their first single, the band collected an ensemble cast for a bit of a #metoo revenge fantasy.

Led by singer Kelly Chard, she reflects on the song, and its visuals, power for The 405, "I wanted the video for ‘I Don’t Need You’ to be a hyperbole of the feelings I felt when writing the song. Sexual harassment is very present in London and I wanted to play a Jessica Jones type character in the video. So instead of feeling emotionally strong I felt physically strong enough to fight off bad guys. Reaching equality is very close to our hearts and so I wanted to highlight sexual harassment and domestic abuse. The video is set in various locations in London throughout the day to show how harassment and violence can happen on the streets in broad daylight, behind closed doors and in a public busy surrounding."

Check it out now below, and look out for more from Noise Noir soon.