Suzi Wu is a 20 year-old London-based MC and performer, who has caught the attention of Def Jam records and AMF (Loyle Carner, Marika Hackman). They have promptly signed her up to release her new EP Error 404 on January 18th. The first track to be shared from the EP is the blasting and contemplative 'Grim Reaper'. Speaking on the track, Wu tells us:

“Grim Reaper is an attempt to come to terms with the aftermath of my parents being hospitalised. It’s a part of my character to take risks and now I find I'm afraid of the smallest things. When I wrote the song I imagined that death was this kid, just like me as a kid. Taking all the risks I used to take but sort of taunting me.”

Undoubtedly a tough topic to tackle, Suzi Wu has imaginatively turned it into something more approachable and understandable, and the big beats that underpin her on 'Grim Reaper' emphasise this. There's plenty of fun to be had in 'Grim Reaper', as she evades the childish figure, but she doesn't swerve the weight of the situation either, as she emphatically announces in the chorus "mortality takes its toll."

'Grim Reaper' comes with a video too, which Suzi introduces by saying “Me and my friend Pierce brought this to life in the video. We tried to embody the feeling of being inside your home and staring at a screen for a long time. All these little glitches become a part of your agoraphobic reality." Check it out below.

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