That London. They're always trying to stay ahead of the curve with their high speed internet and massive fairground wheel, and other things I'm too lazy to think of for the purposes of this intro. Well, now they've gone another step further and can boast a Bitcoin friendly pub.

The Individual Pubs group has now started accepting Bitcoins as a form of currency, so you can spend your hard earned online currency on a well deserved pint. If you live in London, The Pembury Tavern in Hackney is where you'll need to head down to, to relieve your cyber pockets of their digital moolah (there is nothing about that previous sentence that I'm proud of), and you can also chat to Stephen Early, former Cambridge Computer Scientist, and the founder of Individual Pubs. He's also the man who hacked the chain's till system to accept Bitcoins.

In what is possibly the most succinct and enlightening quote I've ever had to pull, Early had this to say about his new scheme: 'I don't like to make it difficult for people to pay me'

The pubs (which include venues in Peterborough, Norwich and Cambridge) have been accepting Bitcoins since May 23rd and have amassed £750 in sales so far, and if you're desperate to see what it's all about, there will be a London Meetup on Sunday 23rd June.

So, there you have it. Earn your money online, then head down to a real bricks and mortar pub and reap the rewards.