It is nearly four weeks since Bloc Festival was shut down mid way through its opening night and it would seem that the effects of that closure are still being felt with the resignation of the hosting venue's creative director.

Deborah Armstrong was not only the creative director of London Pleasure Gardens but also one of its co-founders having been part of the team who won the competition to transform the derelict part of the capitals docklands, Armstong had this to say following her decision: "It is with the deepest of regrets that I announce my resignation from London’s Pleasure Gardens. I am enormously proud of the huge transformation that my team and I have achieved so far."

While there has not been a definitive answer to what went wrong at Bloc Festival, recent events like Last Mile Festival have reduced the capacity allowed into the venue and just today Secretsundaze have announced they will be moving the Go Bang! Festival to an as yet unannounced alternative venue with a statement suggesting there are still concerns over the venues capabilities, "we need to be absolutely sure that our fans get the event they deserve. After much consideration, we have decided that an alternative venue is the best choice."

Earlier this week Caroline Armstrong took to her blog to express her concerns about the company and its future stating "I don't feel now like [the venue is] following the vision that we set out to do” going on to say “Hopefully the road will swing toward it again at some point."