After more than two years of legal battles between PIAS, Sony and the London Police Force, the High Court has ruled that the police are in fact liable for the losses incurred by the fire at the PIAS warehouse in North London back in August 2011.

The Mayor of London's policing and crime office had defended themselves in court by stating the fire was a "planned criminal enterprise" and not in fact a resulting act of rioting behaviour.

Under the Riots Damages Act, any losses incurred by rioting parties should be compensated by the police. A judge has now ruled that SOny and PIAS' insurance companies should therefore recieve a payout of more than £60 million to cover the costs of the fire.

Many indie music labels were affected by the damage at the warehouse, with much of Ninja Tune and Warp's physical stock being wiped out. In total 3.5 million CDs, vinyl records and rare box sets were completely destroyed.

The money will of course not bring these items back from their ashy grave, but hopefully the labels involved will be able to use the payments to fill the holes left by having to reimburse artists and customers for the irretrievable stock.

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