Wireless Festival will set up camp at Finsbury Park on July 8-11 with headliners Boy Better Know, Calvin Harris, Chase & Status and J. Cole taking the stage. But some North London residents aren't too happy about that and are now attempting to shut the festival down. The charity The Friends of Finsbury Park (FoFP) have drafted a letter citing drugs, noise and other issues as their reasoning behind the petition.

"We believe that the information supplied on the event application is wholly inadequate and does not allow us to make an informed and meaningful response," FoFP wrote. "Our request to see crucial information such as a Risk Assessment, Noise Management Plan, Green policy, Event Management Plan and a site map of the event has been refused, and detail about the vaunted community event is non-existent…There were major security failings at last year’s event with break-ins and attempted break-ins along the perimeter fencing which resulted in large and intimidating crowds of people disrupting public order in areas of the park outside the event itself, which Live Nation were unable to control…The noise from Wireless Festival is unacceptable. It was particularly bad during sound tests and often caused buildings to vibrate… The presence of large numbers of people abusing drugs and alcohol also present an added risk of harm to children. As mentioned, children and their parents have to run the gauntlet of open drug dealing and are frequently intimidated by anti social behaviour."

Read the full letter here.