Shrouded in a blanket of mystery, Leo Kalyan first came to my attention a couple of years ago with his subdued yet enchanting covers of songs from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys through to Ellie Goulding, Jessie Ware and Tina Moore. Original records soon followed before the release of the highly praised Silver Linings EP, which included fan favourites such as 'Fingertips' and the EP's title track. His first big pop moment arrived with the release of 'Get Your Love', which almost signalled the start of a new direction for Kalyan; one that starts with the first track from his forthcoming EP, due later this year.

Outside In sees Kalyan stripping things back; literally and figuratively. Sonically, it strips back much of the additional layers and vocal tricks he was once hiding behind and showcases a more natural, booming vocal which may not have truly been experienced before. It's also helped him delve deeper into the issues that he believes once left him feeling like an outsider. His still-delicate vocal combined with his own home-crafted beats make for a delightful listen and a stunning introduction to Outside In, which is set for release on October 28.