We can thank gentrification and high rents for another beloved record store closing. North London's Lucky Seven is set to close its doors on Stoke Newington Church Street after being put up for sale late last year once rent skyrocketed.

"The rent went up by a third in 2009 and if it goes up again there's only one way it's going to go," shop owner Jason Gore rececntly said to the Hackney Gazette. "I've given it until August and then I'm thinking of calling it quits."

His particular store was adored in the area for its completely cheap second-hand vinyl that filled up two full floors painted in bright welcoming colours. But on top of high rent costs, the current vinyl revival has shot LP prices up and it's hard to meet competitive suppliers taking advantage of the times. "The demand is there but I can’t get hold of it as easy as I used to," he said. "Prices have doubled in the last four years because of the increase in interest. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword for me."