A couple of things spring to mind when I think about Malibu: the physical location, obviously, but more often than not it reminds me of the coconut-flavoured alcoholic beverage that's helped play a part in many a drunken night. Hopefully, London-based musician Reppatwa will help change my perceptions of Malibu with his latest track. Interestingly enough, he's no stranger to the bottle; back in 2014 he released his Reppalations mixtape which has plenty of drink references.

Anyway, 'Malibu' - produced by Lewis Cullen - talks of hazy, alcoholic-fuelled nights over laid-back, delicate keys and other sweet notes for an intoxicating track that's destined to open a few ears and maybe a few more bottles. Reppatwa releases his album Until Further Notice later this year but in the meantime, 'Malibu' is available as a free download via SoundCloud.