Dreariness has been an effective tag on the nexus of British alt-pop for some time now, but the dreariness has earned itself a rather unfitting recent form - rather, it's been the overabundance of nervously positive pop entering the sphere. Twenty-one-year-old Southampton-born singer, songwriter, and producer Laurel is an effective prism around the constantly swirling upbeat nature of the scene, earning accolades from BBC Radio, Beats 1, and even fans like Chloe Grace Mortez and Låpsley. Do you have Chloe Grace Mortez's respect?

From her upcoming Theia Records debut, expected to be released in the near future, Laurel introduced her brand new folk rock single 'San Francisco'. Recorded in her East London bedroom studio, Laurel crafts a well-rounded, if not quick venture. The track lets the echoes of silence bounce her vocals but not muddle the instrumental work, melding together seamlessly.

Check out 'San Francisco', along with her Mahogany Session, below.