Label: Just Music Website: Geoff Smith, aka Loner, ticks the ethereal pop music box but as he taken his alias too seriously? I recently reviewed 'I'm Not Sorry' (which is from this album) and I was far from impressed. Singles tend to be chosen based on the commercial appeal they hold or as a representation of what the artist has created on their latest album. With that in mind, I wasn't too excited to hear Western Sci-Fi. Unforunately my fears were justified. The album is peppered with faux emotional blips and simplistic lyrics which make it a rather dull listen, but guess what? I'm not ready to write him off quite yet. If he were to cut down the bulk of the instrumentation and stick to a simple piano/voice setup, which he demonsrates on 'Farwell My Friend' or 'Already Numb', I think he'd be someone to look out for. Make the jump man! Rating: 4.5/10