Long Beard, the musical project of Leslie Bear, will be releasing a new album called Means To Me on Double Double Whammy on September 13th. For the new record, her first in 4 years, Beard moved back to her native New Jersey - only to find that everyone that she had once knew had left; it's a lonely feeling that is played lightly but leaves a lasting impression throughout the record.

On the title track, 'Means To Me', which she has shared this week, she traces the ghosts in her mind, feeling shifting warmth and cold on her skin as she sifts through memories. The simultaneous delicacy and weight of this task is played perfectly by her delightful dream-pop sound, which reflects back the brightness of the past and the cold of the empty current day. Beard's lyrics are minimal and impressionistic, "gold light feels right/ home sweet home/ means to me," allowing you to get lost in the wisps of feeling and bring to it whatever bubbles up inside you.

Long Beard's new album Means To Me is out September 13th on Double Double Whammy.

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