New Zealand-based musician Lontalius (Eddie Johnston) has just unveiled his new single 'Glow' and announced the release of his debut album I'll Forget 17 through US/UK label Partisan Records on March 25th.

While he is best known for his cult SoundCloud covers of Top40 US Rap and R&B songs, collaborating with Ryan Hemsworth and his greyscale R&B anthem 'All I Wanna Say', 'Glow' sees Lontalius traversing the melodic indie rock terrain he explored on his last single 'Kick In The Head'. Matching expansive and elegant guitar work with clear-voiced singing, head-nodding rhythms and delicate synth-atmospherics that collectively rise before unfolding into a meditative half-tempo finale, 'Glow' is a break-up song that reflects on the good times over the bad. Lontalius told Nylon Mag, "'Glow' is about feeling like you should have negative feelings for an ex but realising they were actually alright...People are beautiful and relationships are too. I just wanted to write a pop song."