In December 2014, New Zealand singer and producer Lontalius debuted 'Light Shines Through Dust', the first single off his Partisan Records released album I'll Forget 17. A year-and-a-half later, he's just unveiled a Arty Films-helmed visual for it.

Depicting a series of seasonal outdoor landscapes meshed with ridiculously cute miniature inside and outside sets, the visual was created by using a vintage technique called the Camera Obscure (or pinhole camera) to capture over 4000 photos and stitch them together as a timelapse. A sweet, sad and sentimental guitar-pop song that renders the feeling of being stuck in love through a sense of sun-kissed listless ennui, 'Light Shines Through Dust' sits perfectly against Arty Film's vividly nostalgic depiction of the imagination and wonder born in teenage bedrooms across the world.

I'll Forget 17 was released on March 25 2016 by Partisan Records (BUY).