Label: Lujo (7" on Tiny Engines) Release Date: out now Website: Now that the summer has almost officially started, and people have thrown away their socks and taken to living in the park, some suitably sunny music is required (not least for those of us stuck in windowless offices). Unfortunately, Look Mexico, a rock band from very sunny Florida, are currently holed up in an underground studio below a pizza restaurant recording their new album, slated for UK release on Big Scary Monsters, so we will have to make do with their latest EP until this unexpected fine weather subsides (that’ll be just before the next Bank Holiday, then). Their first release since the compilation of previous EPs entitled ‘The Crucial Collection’, this four-track EP can be seen as a turning point for the band. It’s less straightforward, more kinetic than earlier recordings, both in the construction of the songs and the noise they make. In particular, the drums are so expansive you can almost feel the breeze through them, lightly dusted with wandering guitar riffs. But if that all sounds a bit like a rather dull picnic, don’t be put off. There is plenty of crunch and swirling bite in Matt Agrella’s voice to retain the band’s original playful emo bounce. His vocal hooks are dramatic as much as catchy, and sear together what is already a formidable set of off-kilter pop songs into a mouth-watering exhibition of what this band can accomplish. “You’re Not Afraid Of The Dark, Are You?” is a particular high-point of the EP, and of any music from bands with the word Mexico in their name. There’s got to be a few, surely? This is a manageable portion of American sunshine for fans of Jimmy Eat World, or anyone who takes their math-rock mixed with glistening pop. Can’t wait for them to get out of the basement and into a live venue in the UK.