Tomorrow the music world, ranging from industry experts to curious enthusiasts, is summoned to Oslo for music and more. The festival and conference By:Larm (Feb 26 - March 1) has become a metropolis of presenting the best new Nordic music talent, having showcased acts like Røyksopp, Bjørk, MEW, Susanne Sundfør, Lykke Li and Todd Terje in previous years.

This time, 111 artists will play over 200 gigs across 12 clubs and concert venues in the heart of the city. Winter suddenly feels kinder. Whether you're on the lookout for honey-covered electro-pop, trippin R&B or gloomy hardcore punk, the chances that you'll find the next 'cannot-get-enough-of' band are pretty promising.

With the lineup being plentiful and time not - here are are our five unmissable picks:

Naomi Pilgrim (SE)

With a mix of tropical beats and Scandinavian coolness, Naomi Pilgrim makes tight R&B tunes that flowsand stick at the same time. Her distinct voice and the electronic vibe binds it all together. Combining influences from West India and Stockholm, she released her debut single 'No Gun' last year, followed by a thriving EP a few weeks ago (worth checking out before By:Larm kicks in). She's a former backup singer for Lykke Li, though it's Pilgrim's own sound that makes us excited for this set.

Intertwine (NO)

For that dreamy vocal and catchy pop, By:Larm presents Intertwine, a Norwegian electronic/ambient act. Named one to watch by NRK P3 (Norwegian broadcasting radio) last year, we can totally see ourselves listening to 'So What' on the balcony overlooking the city this summer. Check out the beautiful music video:

Rumble in Rhodos (NO)

Having been on the go since 2003, Rumble in Rhodos have a remarkable skill for renewing themselves. Developing from classic hardcore into a hybrid genre of progressive rock and synth-pop, they are still holding onto their very own energetic sound. With their latest album Grace & Nunace being so freakin' grand live, we know this will be a good one.

Andre Bratten (NO)

Be A Man You Ant, André Bratten's debut album, is a perfect blend of persistent yet vibrant electronic music that sets in your shoulders, hips and lips. We're not sure if we should linger and listen with a neat cocktail at the bar or sway the night away - but we anticipate we might do both.

Jenny Hval (NO)

Already an internationally recognized singer, journalist, composer and sound artist, Jenny Hval's fourth album, Innocence is Kinky was recorded at Toybox Studios with John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse). Describing her work as music only is too vague. It's more like an multidisciplinery experience, covering music, literary and performance all together. Listening to the songs of Jenny Hval is like entering a strange cosmos of layered sounds, vocals, words and music in a thin, cotton shirt. At first you can feel the fabric gently stroking your stomache, before it firmly tightens over your shoulders, loosens, twists around your arms and then starts tickling again.

Other artists you should check out are Farao (NO), Torkelsen (NO), Jenny Wilson (SE), Emilie Nicolas (NO), When Saints Go Machine (DK), Sisy Ey (ICL) and Kill J (DK).

You can listen to our By:Larm playlist by heading here.