Taylor Swift's new single 'Look What You Made Me Do', from her forthcoming new album Reputation, divided both the public and critics alike, not only in terms of it showcasing a new musical direction for the singer but also due to its video, which has been criticised as, among other things, for copying Beyoncé's visuals for 'Formation'.

Now the video's director Joseph Kahn has stepped forward to express his frustration with the hate Swift has been receiving, notably denouncing the existence of a double standard in the industry (quelle surprise!): "If I plan something as a man I'm a "genius,"" he writes on Twitter. "If Taylor as a woman plans something she is "manipulative." Double standards. This is wrong."

"I've worked with Beyoncé a few times" he continues, addressing the allegedly "copy" of concept. "She's an amazing person. The #LWYMMDvideo is not in her art space. Love and respect to Bey."

Taylor Swift's video for 'Look What You Made Me Do' premiered last Sunday during the MTV VMA 2017; Reputation is due out on November 10th.