Ok, dressed in black – check, at least 3 shirt buttons undone – check, flowing locks of trendy looking hair – check, smouldering camera stares – check, stadium sized music – check!! They may look like they’ve just stepped out of a Topman window display and their early stuff may sound like The Datsuns b-sides, but this is inconsequential as the debut album from Perth’s finest dropped earlier this year and it is very good indeed.  Interpolish vocals with Editors guitar twangs equate to a big and impressive sound. In late 2006 the 4 piece attracted the interest of knob twiddler Nick Terry, who has worked the decks for the likes of The Libertines, The Klaxons, Ian Brown and Franz Turdinand.  6 months later, the band had sorted their sound out in spectacular fashion, resulting in ‘Five Feet Of Snow’ a meaty ear shredder that I’ve had on heavy rotation since its release.  Their self-titled debut album followed 12 months later and is jam packed with similarly thunderous gems.  The LP will feature highly in my end of year top albums list, hopefully you cyber folk will appreciate it too. Head over to http://www.myspace.com/thedirtysecrets for a secret that is well worth knowing.