Last week, Music Business Worldwide reported that Merlin – a network representing the rights of independent labels worldwide – had yet to sign up to Apple's new streaming service, Apple Music; this was due to fears that the service would "punch a black hole" in the music industry, in terms of revenue.

This arrived after Apple announced that it would not be paying any royalties on streaming during their self-imposed three-month-long free trial.

Following from Merlin's unmoving position, it's been reported that Apple will instead be inviting direct licensing deals from independent labels themselves. But the general consensus was reflected in the Music Business Worldwide post:

"We're used to helping with free trials when streaming services are not established," an independent label told the publication. "But this is Apple, with hundreds of millions of customer credit card details. Offering no compensation at all to labels for a trial that will help Apple sell its devices is hugely disappointing."

The American Association of Independent Music also shared its thoughts in a post, saying, amongst other things: "It is surprising that Apple feels the need to give a free trial as Apple is a well-known entity, not a new entrant into the marketplace."

And Stuart Johnson, president of the Canadian Independent Music Association, said:

"It is an outrage that any company, let alone Apple, will refuse to pay independent artists, the labels and the publishers supporting them. Is Apple refusing to pay its staff during this free trial period? Is it refusing to pay its many suppliers? Does Apple expect to get its marketing and promotion services for free – all for the reason that it will supposedly receive no revenues during this free trial period?"

Quite right.

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