First things first: Due to unforseen logistical complications and a very dodgy looking weather forecast, the Loop Loud (Friday) will no longer occur and the Loop Live acts will play in the Brighton dome instead of Victoria Gardens. It's a shame that the weather won't be gorgeous, but the Dome is still awesome so it's only a minor set-back; better safe than sorry when hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of electrical equipment is out on show and some of the most awesome electro-ish bands might not be able to handle the rain! You can read the full announcment here So onto the GOOD news: The kind Loopy folks have approved a couple of natty mp3s to post for the delectation of our discerning readers. One of them is up already as part of our DATAROCK Interview, but i'll re-post here for ease and convenience. First up is The Invisible - London Girl (Nightmoves Remix) And that DATAROCK one again: DATAROCK - True Stories Ok, now it's time for my top picks! These are bands that, unless you know of and harbour some bizarre hatred of, you absolutely can't miss. Aaaaand if you're not going (what are you...crazy..?) then check out their tunes and see what you think. 1. Fever Ray - Ex knife front-girl and all round scandinavian wonder-woman. Think quite retro, big hooks and in a way quite new-agey...absolutely great. 2. Emiliana Torrini - Italian parents, born in Iceland, lives in Brighton. Sing along now: 'My heart is beating like a jungle drum, duh-dum-t'rung-brum-d'rum-drrrum-trumphp-trumphph=brrrrmrm... (also has an incredibly sexy voice!) 3. Telepathe - Sparse, a little broody (not in the baby way) but phat beats, great spoken sections and soon to be massive, if there's any justice in the world, which there probably is because I just banged an icecube tray on the work top to get some out and it popped straight into my glass. BINGO! 4. Casiokids - With a name that firmly cements them in the league of bands obssessed with synths and electronics, Casiokids hail from Norway and steadfastly refuse to write lyrics in English. That doesn't matter though, the universal language of wobbly synth hits, playful beats and sweet drops speak to all. That's why it's a universal language dummy. Man what is it with Scandinavian bands these days, too much talent! 5. Fanfarlo - 'Nuff said. Above Image: OneDotZero will be performing throughout Loop, their live visual shows truly something to behold. 6. Tunng - typewriter clicks, film quotes, three acoustic guitars and awesome percussion. Off-the-wall bordering on completely nonsensical lyrics and jovial willingness to try new styles, effects and dynamics all combine to make Tunng one of my favourite bands of the last two years. Seeing them play live has been a long-held dream! 7. Datarock - Even if their music wasn't awesome, their interview with us was really quite endearing enough to warrant another mention. Luckily, their dance worthy, funk inspired, big-beat house pop and dogged obssession with the colour red is entirely awesome. Guaranteed to get your feet jiggling uncontrollably whilst you sit semi-cross legged you swarthy hipster you. 8. The Invisible - Not actually invisible. Once you've recovered from the initial disappointment of their flagrant corporeality and false advertising, I'm certain you will dig them without reserve in a highly flamboyant manner. Fever Ray Myspace Emiliana Myspace Telepathe Myspace Casiokids Myspace Fanfarlo Myspace Tunng Myspace Datarock Myspace The Invisible Myspace OK! Now as for my Brighton tips...well, i'll post more about those in the forum thread. ONLY, however, if you post in it to tell us you're going: Going to Loop?