With a Mercury Prize to his name, and several Grammys to hers, James Blake and Lorde had pretty great 2013s, so it makes sense that one would cover the other. Lorde had already performed a cover of James Blake's 'Retrograde' live at a gig in New Zealand but now we're finally getting to hear/see it through something other than the dodgy quality of a phone recording.

At a session on Australia's Triple J as part of Like A Version, basically that bit on Radio 1's Live Lounge where they do a mystery cover but with Fearne Cotton sounding like an Australian man, Lorde took on Blake's minimal electronic hit that was the first real taste of what Overgrown was going to give us. It's a pretty simple cover, nothing fancy really, staying pretty true to the original (although perhaps Lorde's bigger voice doesn't work as well as Blake's whispy vocals) but it's worth a listen anyway.

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