A Yeezus and a Lorde, together? Surely the jokes write themselves?

It seems Kanye is putting "wheelchair-gate' behind him by teaming up with Lorde.

It's all a bit 'this source said this, who linked to this site, who posted a photoshopped picture of the two together, which turned into an article by one of those terrible newspapers' right now, but it certainly seems likely considering Kanye's ego, and Lorde's appreciation of West's work ("I look to Kanye for inspiration in a lot of things, and his ability to kind of reinvent and keep throwing curveballs with each record. He's able to keep things interesting, and keep people following him, after what has been quite a lengthy career" - The Guardian).

We're too lazy to photoshop Lorde's head onto Kim's, so we're gonna ask you to use your imagination when watching this video: