For being only 16, one could say New Zealand pop artist Lorde has accomplished quite a bit. Last week she became the youngest solo artist in two decades to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 'Royals' has topped the Billboard alternative charts for seven weeks, making it the longest stint by a female ever. Pretty impressive. As it usually goes, though, there are some people who aren't too happy with 'Royals' and are accusing some of the lyrics of implying racism.

Blogger for the website, Victoria Bayetti Flores, published a harsh criticism of the song. She specifically points to the lyrics "But every song's like gold teeth, Grey Goose, tripping in the bathroom... But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your time piece."

"While I love a good critique of wealth accumulation and inequity, this song is not one; in fact, it is deeply racist. Because we all know who she's thinking when we're talking gold teeth, Cristal and Maybachs. So why shit on black folks? Why shit on rappers? Why aren't we critiquing wealth by taking hits at golf or polo or Central Park East? Why not take to task the bankers and old-money folks who actually have a hand in perpetuating and increasing wealth inequality? I'm gonna take a guess: racism. I don't have to explain why wealth operates differently among folks who've grown up struggling because this shit has been explained already: If you grew up with holes in your zapatos you'd celebrate the minute you was having dough."

Naturally, people have come to the rising star's defense. New Zealand journalist Linda Brendish points out that "Not everything in this world should be viewed through the lens of Americans, particularly when it comes to race and cultures of other countries. To insist otherwise is ignorant at best and imperialistic at worst." The story has gotten coverage on major news outlets such as CNN, CBS, and TIME magazine. What do you think of the debate?

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