The Self-Confidence volumes have been a way for Lorn to offload his heavily prolific mind of its ideas. 'Vol. 3' is a mixtape showing his creative process, as well as offering insights into his groth as a producer, where his inspirations are coming from and where he's planning to go.

Released just as we're beginning to get excited for his latest Ninja Tune effort to be dropped on September 2nd, he's spoken out about the 'Debris' EP:

"I built kits and textures from field recordings, blended them with synths and guitars, ran them back and forth through tape, burned them through analog valves, recorded them playing inside of themselves… Really i wanted them to physically sound like they were picked out of some wreckage. Some lost caravan out in the desert with a crew of zero."

Self-Confidence Vol. 3 can be downloaded directly from the Wednesday Sound website or streamed below.

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