FRENSHIP burst onto the music landscape last September with their debut EP, Truce. Released through Columbia Records, the EP introduced the world to the Los Angeles-based duos stirring brand of buoyant, anthemic pop. Now, one of the EP's best tracks, '1000 Nights,' is getting an equally majestic video, which premieres today through The 405.

According to the band, '1000 Nights' "is about envisioning what it would look like at the end of our music careers. It's about looking forward and realizing all of the success in the world doesn't mean anything unless you shared the journey with loved ones." Band members James Sunderland and Brett Hite drive home this sense of togetherness through a soaring, powerful brand of pop that worms its way into your head and into your heart.

The concept for the video, however, came as the band took a camping trip in Stanley, Idaho. "We had just received the song back from mastering and took the first listen on the shore of Lake Stanley at the base of McGown Peak," said the band. "This place inspired the idea, look and feel for the '1000 Nights' video. With the idea in place we sought out a director that could fully capture beautiful shots outdoors and filmmaker Matt Kleiner perfectly fit the bill for this." The video was ultimately shot at Diablo Lake in the state of Washington.

Check out the beautiful and striking video for '1000 Nights' below.