Hailing from Los Angeles and boasting an impressive roster of co-signs, including producer Jason Hill and Jeff Kite of The Voidz, KO is poised to emerge as one of the most impressive pop talents is 2019. On her new single 'Just Take It,' KO (real name Kaitlyn Olson) highlights her powerhouse vocals against a lush and layered bed of sultry production.

According to Olson, the song developed naturally, starting at the piano. "I had just broken up with my controlling boyfriend, who wanted me to give up music to be a housewife," she says. "Writing this song helped me process the heartbreak."

With Kite, Olson developed the song's throwback R&B sound. And with its empowering message, 'Just Take It' is coming out at a very important time, right as the music world is being forced to grapple with accounts of abuse and manipulation by notable figures within the industry. "I’ve been working on music my entire life," Olson explains, "and I specifically chose this song as my first release, because of the state of the world right now."

You stream KO's 'Just Take It' up above.