Los Campesinos! have unveiled a new track called 'Tiptoe Through The True Bits', and you can download it here.

"'Tiptoe Through The True Bits' was recorded at the same time as latest album Hello Sadness, but never found a home on the album. 'Tiptoe Through The True Bits' acts as an appropriate bookend to what happens within Hello Sadness, both musically and personally." Gareth Campesinos!

The lyrics for the track can be found below in case you want to start a Los Campesinos! karaoke club.

  • You asked if you could see me, before I went to Spain
  • You didn’t give a reason, didn’t know what you would say
  • But I was hoping that my breath on your face,
  • would blow every last thing into place

  • The bed-spread decked in suns and moons and symbols of the star-signs,
  • how you read how mine applied to how I would be sex-wise
  • And in my arms you disappeared and I seemed twice the size,
  • slept and woke with lips together, sleeping felt like lies

  • Girl, I helped you with your demons, but your ghosts are now haunting me too
  • That French bitch, an ex-boyfriend threatening to tie his neck to the roof
  • But if we tiptoe through the true bits
  • We might make it to the other side
  • What doesn’t kill you, leaves you wounded
  • But I will nurse you better alright
  • I’ve been waking on your side of the bed
  • As the sun’s been rising in the west

  • If your skin feels softer, I’ve no argument to make,
  • the weight of such apologies caused stronger men to ache
  • If his kisses draw the bad out, I can’t have a complaint
  • as they hit your tongue like sedatives while I lay wide awake

  • You can feel a tremor in a single word, it rattles down your spinal chord
  • And you can catch a raincloud in an hourglass, but it will turn into a storm
  • Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray,
  • You keep the showers away