Christmas may have just come early for Los Campesinos! fans as this morning, after weeks of speculation, the band finally unveiled the full details of ‘Heat Rash’ via the band’s blog. Full details below from Los Campesnos!.... “We at Los Campesinos! like to keep busy. The now traditional routine of being in a band: tour, record, develop drug addiciton, has long struggled to contain us. We've tried to cultivate as healthy and interactive a community around us as possible, through all the social networking means that this very century has to offer us, but, y'know, that's not quite enough. For that reason, we are excited to introduce you to Heat Rash. Heat Rash is a quarterly 'zine and music bundle, from our hands, to your front door, including exclusive writing, artwork, music and more besides, available only as a result of being a Heat Rash member. Heat Rash is intended to allow us to act in the moment, to talk about what we want to, as a platform for other mediums of 'art', and to write and release songs in a more spontaneous way. This will hopefully allow a less formal, more fluid, DIY vein of work to develop alongside, and outside, of our album releases. Signing up Heat Rash for will gift you the following: A quarterly instalment of the HEAT RASH 'zine and a limited edition 7" and digital download series of exclusive Los Campesinos! music that will not be available elsewhere. Not on iTunes, our own merch store or at gigs. Discounts on items in the Los Campesinos! online store. This will include special bundles and big savings on new merchandise. New merch store to launch in the new year. HEAT RASH subscribers will be able to buy tickets for gigs direct from loscampesinos.comThis will mean No more booking fees when attending our concerts. Opportunity to own physical copies of releases before they are available to purchase elsewhere online, or in stores. What's more, anybody who subscribes to HEAT RASH before the 20th of December will receive two new recordings of Los Campesinos! Christmas songs. This includes Kindle a Flame In Her Heart and The Holly And The Ivy, digitally packaged with artwork and hymn sheet. As a taster of what’s to come the band are giving away their Christmas song, ‘Kindle a Flame In Her Heart’, which is available from as a free MP3