You may remember a while ago we highlighted the new collaboration from Noisey and Philips called You Need To Hear This. Exploring the fascinating depths of innovation in the sonic arts, and general outside-the-box rumination, the relationship has led to some spectacular output, from a tour of Liverpool with Bill Ryder-Smith to a mixtape by Tove Lo.

However, that's not all they do.Philips have also been nurturing a line of gorgeous aural hardware: their Citiscape range. In order to fully immerse and adore the sounds that are available on YNTHT, Philips have sculpted these form-meets-function headphones that enable you to sink into a world of noise unlike you've ever experienced.

If you want to strut around a borough with bedazzled, spangling Swarovski monstrosities plonked over your lugholes like some massive mugger magnet, but only hear tinny whine and warbled static, be our guest. If you make music a priority, and respect the artists who slave over production desks tweaking the EQ until they're hallucinating from sleep deprivation, then you probably want to plump for some headphones that'll be able to deliver.

It's a holy trifecta: there's immense comfort, even when wearing the headphones for great lengths on the tube or strolling streets; they look sharper than Delevingne's cheekbones; crucially, they also sound phenomenal. Punchy, earthy bass tones. Crisp highs, velvet vox and rich merlot melodies. It's all well and good having headphones that make nice noggin extensions or hat replacements, but if you spend a hefty chunk of the day using them for music, or actually want something that sounds good, not just looks good, for your hard-earned dollar, then you won't go far wrong with Citiscape.