The Comet Is Coming, the anarchic and acclaimed London jazz trio, have released a new track as a preview to a special edition version of their debut album. ‘Slammin’ is one of three new tracks to be made available as part of this package which also includes the Mercury Prize-nominated album Channel The Spirits and the band’s earlier Prophecy EP.

These “ancient tapes”, as the band calls them, are previously unreleased cuts from the original Channel The Spirits sessions. ‘Slammin’ is itself an interesting cut, with a much slower, almost funkier sound than the rest of the album. It also served as a template for another track (‘Final Eclipse’) which made its way onto the band’s most recent EP - Death To The Planet.

Channel The Spirits (Special Edition) is due to be unleashed on 25th August and if you’re not yet familiar with The Comet Is Coming, this looks like the ideal way to get acquainted with the band’s raucous blend of jazz and electronica.

Channel The Spirits (Special Edition) tracklisting:

Disc A
Channel The Spirits
1. The Prophecy
2. Space Carnival
3. Journey Through The Asteroid Belt
4. Nano
5. New Age
6. Slam Dunk In A Black Hole
7. Cosmic Dust
8. Star Furnace
9. Channel The Spirits
10. Deep Within The Engine Deck
11. Lightyears (feat. Joshua Idehen)
12. End of Earth

Disc B
1. Neon Baby
2. Star Exploding In Slow Motion
3. Do The Milky Way
4. Cosmic Serpent
5. Final Days Of The Apocalypse (feat. Joshua Idehen)

Ancient Tapes
6. Slammin
7. Transmission
8. Closing Credits