Lou Stone has released sincere new single ‘Truth Toy’, a moving and heartfelt piece of lo-fi pop. It’s a minimal setup in terms of instruments, warming piano keys and inviting bass line cradle his dulcet tones spectacularly. Produced with Angus Campbell and Brendan Cox, it’s a brilliant introduction to this new artist who’s been steadily gaining fans for his music since the release of the Fictions EP earlier this year.

‘Truth Toy’ is a refreshingly candid track, speaking on the start of relationships and how difficult the first few weeks can be to maneuver. Speaking on the single, he states “It’s is a song about cutting through the shit we all experience at the beginning of a relationship. Breaking down the walls we put up to find the truth, I am asking people to be honest with one another.”

As melodic, heart-on-the-sleeve style balladry only continues to rise in popularity, Lou Stone looks set to capitalise on the growing trend. A name to remember who looks set to capture more fans with his earnest performance. You can catch him in the intimate setting of St Pancras Old Church on August 28.

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