The festival that thrives on being non-conformist hits Merton Farm this weekend. With a relaxed atmosphere and great music, this is well worth the trip to Kent. That's before you even take into account that your very own The 405 is curating the Farm Folk stage on Friday and Saturday.

Away from the Farm Folk stage, Summer Camp, Theme Park and Bastille rub shoulders with heavyweights like The Charlatans and Mystery Jets. Niki And The Dove will no dout be the band to see once again, and don't miss a certain Roni Size hidden down the lineup to help you wake up on a Sunday.

On our Farm Folk stage we welcome Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Soko, Vandoinmessico, Ralfe Band and many more. My tip? Don't miss Tom Williams & The Boat. Below you'll find a lovingly put-together playlist. I've even included some of the bands on the other stages.