One great song does not an album make. Likewise, one great cover - even one as genuinely original and completely sensational as Love Echo's take on 'The Love Cats' by The Cure - should never tower over an album otherwise comprised of original material. Down the years, there have been a number of bands whose greatest achievement is a cover of another band's work, but it's safe to say this pair won't fall into that category. While that cover ended up being the catalyst for Love Echo's formation in the first place, it won't come to define them, because I Promise You Always the Sky is a moving and ethereal set of songs that puts the 'dream' back in dream-pop. Synth duos are ten-a-penny these days, where any decent songwriter can have their 15 minutes on a buzz blog, but they need something special to stand out from the crowd, and Vic Miranda and Vicki Glass definitely do.

Albums as floaty and blissful as this can unfortunately go in one ear and out the other, especially when one has the habit of hopping from one album to the next in quick succession, but the duo's mastery of melody means that the reply value of their debut album is quite high. The skittering beats of 'We' and ghostly piano motif of opener 'Departure' set the tone of the album before the bar is raised with that cover, but rather than settle back into their comfort zone, Miranda and Glass exercise excellent quality control. 'The Lovecats' is followed by the captivating 'Eligy', whose chorus of "It's all a lucid dream" could be used to sum up the feelings the album creates within the listener. The album is very easy to get lost in: even when the pair put emphasis on writing pop songs, as they do on the superlative 'Daybreak' - whose haunting hook will linger in the mind long after it finishes - they create an otherworldly atmosphere that is all-encompassing and extremely impressive.

What's also impressive is the flow that the album possesses. It's clear that considerable thought has been put into the tracklisting, as it switches between different moods and sonic textures, varying from simple yet effective songs like 'Hush' (on which a three-note melody forms the basis of the whole track) to more expansive moments like 'Light' and the piano-led 'Control'. Love Echo have more ideas up their sleeves than any band created on a whim should - you should be thankful that they decided to get serious and pour themselves into this album, because I Promise You Always the Sky makes for consistently compelling listening.