Pop trio Love Inks know a thing or two about minimal album covers, so we decided to suck on their musical expertise like the knowledge leeches we are. From Pink Floyd to Wire, bassist Kevin Dehan explains his choices, and how they inspired the cover of Love Inks' latest album Exi, which is out now on Republic of Music.

  • Live Dates:
  • 30th Nov - Glad Cafe, Glasgow
  • 1st Dec - The Soup Kitchen, Manchester
  • 2nd Dec - Shacklewell Arms, London

1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Two Virgins

This is the greatest minimal album cover. The concept, the music and the album cover are all great in their minimalism. The record was recorded by Ono and Lennon on one of their first dates and was conceived with the idea that the sound from the record was coming from the listener's mind. The cover is still one of the most iconic; it is one of the most famous individuals at that time, stripped down next to his lover. The style of the art is simplicity.

2. Beat Happening - Jamboree

This group is one of the great minimal bands. With their second album, the cover shows how great they were at capturing an aesthetic that was childlike. The sound changed the way a lot of people recorded music, it was a sort of fly by the seat of your pants approach that helped get the true feel of the songs. 'Indian Summer' is like the minimal anthem 'Herion' by the VU.

3. Wire - Pink Flag

Another great minimal band, another great minimal album cover. When I first heard this record, I decided to cut the crap and stop focusing on so many layers of instruments. It took me many years of studying to be able to break down a song to the essence, using only the essential notes and instruments. This was definitely the first record where I heard this type of thing being done and realized there should be no other way.

4. Johnny Thunders - Hurt Me

Johnny Thunders isn't someone people associate with minimalism, but check out this record. It's just him and his guitar. Later in his career he developed into a very powerful musician by just singing and playing acoustic guitar, sometimes adding a saxophone or a guitar solo far off in the distance. He stopped focusing on playing loud, aggressive guitar and started focusing on just the emotion in his songs. The album cover is pretty minimal as well, just him nodding off.

5. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Here's a great minimal album cover, not so minimal in the music though. It's a classic record, and we all love Pink Floyd. The album cover is iconic for sure. We love the triangle in our group, being only a three piece. I think the triangle is a symbol for ultimate minimalism, three points making a whole. In music three notes make a chord, so what we try to do sometimes is play one note on guitar, another on bass and a third vocal note, so that together as a group we are making the chord. That's minimalism.