The duo of Patrick Zeinali and Jordan Caiola make up Nightseason—an eclectic indie rock act that feels organic and different among a crop of the same old familiar tastes. The 405 is premiering the pair’s final single ‘Wear The Treads Off’ before they release their debut EP Coasts. The track is a balmy effort, floating through the canal of downtempo alt-rock while overlooking an ambient pop landscape that one wouldn’t want to dare pass up.

Drummer-turner-producer Patrick Zeinali had a specific vision for his next project, but there was one problem: he didn’t have a lead singer. However, Zeinali tirelessly searched via Spotify for those sweet vocals he was in dire need for. It had to be a voice that would essentially lead the project. Enter the commanding vocals of Jordan Caiola (Mo Lowda and The Humble)—think Sameer Gadhia of Young The Giant meshed with Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon, which results in edgier, cooler, and sexier.

On ‘Wear The Treads Off’ it’s clear that Nightseason is conveying a story in which one is throwing in the towel on love. With Caiola persuasively singing the line, “I don’t believe in love anymore,” it’s pretty obvious yet it’s also not that cut and dry. With such a statement infused in the lives of many young adults, the pair dig deep here with great empathy and strong conviction. The end result is heady and may have listeners feeling a sense of palpable desolation if their mindset is thinking “I don’t believe in love anymore” as well.

Nightseason elaborates on their single by noting, “’Wear the Treads Off’ is a reflection on an inevitably doomed relationship. The chorus "I don't believe in love anymore" is meant to be a dramatic overstatement, but something I'm sure many people have said in their lives after going through a heartbreak. The phrase "don't wear the treads off your feet when you're weak" is sort of routed in that same hopelessness as an analogy for putting so much work into something or someone that doesn't seem to pay off or work out.”

The band previously released three 2018 singles—‘Nothing Calms My Mind’, ‘Strangers’, and ‘Dying in The Heart.’ All three singles traverse through down-tempo electro roads with moody deliveries and pacifying productions that are embedded in the band’s deep musings of lost love and fresh beginnings.

Nightseason is set to release their debut EP Coasts on December 14th.

Take your first listen to ‘Wear The Treads Off’ along with the rest of the EP below:

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