There’s more to Liverpool than The Beatles! There’s also Echo & the Bunnymen, The Las, A Flock of Seagulls, The Wombats, and now, Loved Ones. The four-piece indie pop outfit’s latest album, Harness, is out now as the inaugural release on the BLOOD record label. The 405 is excited to premiere the music video for the band’s single, ‘Cartridge’.

The delicate piano from Ben Shooter might be the first thing you hear, but make no mistake: this song, pretty as it is, is about absolute impact, from each note of the piano to each breath taken by Shooter and co-vocalist Nik Glover. The full-bodied singing of Shooter is reminiscent of James Blake and Tunde Adebimpe, while also working on its own terms. Support from Glover adds even more poignancy. Further adding to the song are the cryptic but forceful lyrical phrases like “Let them hide your worth” and “Your kingdom won’t survive,” and evocative incorporation of electronics from Rich Hurst and drums from Dan Taylor. Most importantly, we can’t forget the gorgeously surreal music video, a watercolour-animated journey featuring figures free-falling through the sky, sometimes with their neckties acting as flimsy, de facto propellers, a bevy of creatures, some with wings, some with four-legs, and some happy to slither along. ‘Cartridge’ isn’t about buildup that makes you wait for payoff. It’s buildup and payoff all at once.

Cartridge by Loved Ones on VEVO.