Label: Heist Or Hit Release date: 24/08/2009 (Out now!) Website: MySpace Buy:Amazon Remember that bit in Wayne’s World where they go to the bar and he sees Cassandra on stage for the first time? She totally wails, right? Well, that’s the kind of experience you will have when you hear Ann Yu really open up for the first time. Her voice is incredible – big and bold, deep and rich, belting out lyrics like Amy Milan from Stars turned up to eleven. It’s the main attraction of Tear Yourself Away, and reason enough to heap the band with praise, but it’s perhaps unfortunate that this is where most of the attention will likely go. See, aside from just being a great singer, Yu is a fantastic songwriter and, helped by the flawless execution of her band mates, LoveLikeFire have pretty much perfected the sound that The Killers attempted with Hot Fuss but messed up by being just that bit too irritating. All it took was a little bit of Mew’s ‘stadium pop’ scale and shades of the aforementioned Stars’ charm, and you’ve got the ultimate ‘nu-indie’ (or whatever else we’re supposed to call it) record, a ready-made soundtrack to series three of The Inbetweeners and yet another band to vaguely compare to The Jesus And Mary Chain. Fuzzy synths and jangly guitars, big pounding drums and jittery acoustic parts, whilst all the while well aware that their singer is their best feature, and hence pushing her right out front – you’ve heard it all before, but honestly, never quite this good, and never quite this huge. There really isn’t much more that I can say – highlights come in the form of already-released singles ‘Stand In Your Shoes’, ‘William’ and ‘From A Tower’, but everything else isn’t that far behind in terms of straight up quality. A great, 'genre defining' album. Just, well, don’t expect anything new. Rating: 7/10